Berta & Joseal

Berta & Joseal are exciting new Kizomba teachers that will be probably having too much fun at Zouk Beach Week! You're officially warned.

July 21, 2014

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Berta started dancing in 2005, and trained jazz and contemporary for 5 years, but it wasn’t until 2010, when a trip to the DR changed the route of her life and made her discover her true passion: partner dances!

While in the DR, Berta learned some bachata and merengue and she immediately fell in love with the feeling of dancing with someone else, and with latin music! She went back to Madrid and decided to take her first salsa lessons. Her first salsa class literally changed her life! And she has never stopped dancing latin dances ever since. She took classes and performed with some of the most renowned salsa teachers in Madrid, both Cuban, like Michel Regueira and Yudeskia Yanes and LA style, with Fernando & Ayelen.

It was also in 2010 that Berta took her first kizomba classes in Madrid, with the world famous Albir Rojas, but she moved to Rio de Janeiro a couple months later, where she had to “park” her beloved salsa and kizomba, not very popular in Rio at the time, and she had no choice but to fall in love with her second big love: zouk!
Berta lived in Rio for 6 months, where she trained zouk with Renata Peçanha. When Berta moved back to Madrid, she was forced to “park” her new addiction again, as zouk is virtually non existant there, and that’s when she finally had time to explore kizomba, and fall in love for the third time!

In 2012 Berta moved to LA and immediately joined LA Zouk, under the direction of Shani Mayer. A year later, Berta also joined LA Kizomba, directed by Shani and Ivo Viera, and has been dancing for both teams ever since. At the beginning of 2014, Berta partnered up with Joseal de la Torre, also an LA Kizomba member. Together, they have been teaching in various studios and events in the greater LA area and participated in Coreon Du’s video, ‘Bailando Kizomba’.


Jose is a fresh and energetic new dancer, he discovered Zouk and kizomba at the 2013 LA Zouk congress where he fell in love with Kizomba. Ivo Viera and Shani Mayer have thoroughly formed Jose since that moment, where he participated in the Kizomba challenge choreography with them and started to be part of LA Kizomba and Zouk team. Since that moment he has been taking the time and effort to assist in numerous kizomba congresses and has received formation from international instructors as Sara Lopez, Isabelle and Felicien, Albir and Carola, DJ Vasko, Eddy Vents, Lety and Dani, Enah and Isabelle, Cymeone Mopao, Curtis Seldon, Lisa and Mandela and others. At the beginning of 2014 Jose paired up with Berta, member of LA Kizomba team and they have been teaching in events and studios all over LA. He has also participated in Coreon Du’s video, “Bailando Kizomba”.

Jose Has recently come from Spain where he received formation and had the opportunity to teach a class with Lety as a partner, a well known Kizomba dancer.

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