Rú Vasquez

LA's newest resident Zouk instructor makes her debut at Zouk Beach Week. Join us for the welcome party!

July 28, 2014

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Rú Vasquez, majoring in Bachelor of Physical Education (Federal University of Ceará), producer, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher since 2006, with courses in belly dance, ballet, jazz, west coast swing, kizomba and gymnastics, in addition to training in ballroom dance (zouk, salsa, forro, samba, bachata, tango, fluffy, bolero, etc.).
Participated in tv programs and in local print media. Competed in regional and national competitions of dance, such as the World Salsa Open – Northeast Steps 2007 and 2008, in which got 3rd and 2nd place, respectively. In 2008, the national phase of the same championship, finished in 7th place.

Since 2008, he has been dedicated to the study and dissemination of Zouk in Fortaleza and worldwide. Creator of “CE Zouk”, along with her team, is a major tool for the dissemination of this dance in the city of Fortaleza, through events, social media and what is considered the largest portal Zouk Northeastern Brazil. (www.cezouk.blogspot.com.br).

Experienced in teaching both as a lady and gentleman. She has lectured and made presentations at festivals, workshops and national and international conferences throughout Brazil, in Europe (Switzerland, France, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Italy) and the United States. Having worked with many renowned teachers.

Currently, has been increasing participation in the international Zouk scene for her unique dancing and adaptability. Merging personality, sensuality, sensitivity and technique, Rú adapts any style or music, together with the beauty and grace and giving the dance a feeling coming from within her soul.

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